obesity and best tips for controle treatment

                                         what is obesity ?
medical world describes thecause of obesity as follows: “An increase in body fat (both visceral and non visceral (subcutaneous) requires that energy intake will increase more energy expenditure.” This brief description is followed by a prolonged “however “and is designed for physicians who are trained to understand what is written.
In summary, obesity has many causes, among which are included genetic disorders, gland disorders, hormonal disorders and metabolic disorders, to name a few. Suffice it to say that if you want to find the real reason for their obesity, it will be necessary to consult a doctor.
The general opinion on obesity could also be summarized as: “people who are not great because”, but this is only a popular point of view, trust me I know, I used to be obese. Obesity is an epidemic, a disease of enormous proportions that is spreading rapidly throughout the world.
The extra mass caused by being overweight has many consequences, adding a heavy risk index in the obesity of the person’s chances of survival. Having to heave the extra weight, the individual is also less inclined to be physically active, which launched a vicious circle causing a worsening problem.